Holy Courses

Medical Terminology (4 Credits)
This course is designed for students in the health care curriculum who need to be familiar with medical terms. It provides a framework for building a medical vocabulary. Emphasis will be on understanding basic medical terms, abbreviations and their meanings and how they are used in documenting and reporting patient care procedures. Information provided in this course will help students to succeed in their chosen healthcare careers by familiarizing them with how medical terms are formed and by providing a systematic learning structure. Practical applications are provided by exercises.

Biblical Terminology & Languages (6 Credits)
Survey of the terminology found in the Old Testament, which is mostly derived from Hebrew Aramaic, and Greek along with their corresponding English terms found in modern English translations. The course covers the roots of the Semitic languages, in general, and Hebrew, in particular. Students will become familiar with the Alphabets, some basic terms and conversations, and how to write and read the Old Testament written in Hebrew.

Biblical Geography & History (6 Credits)
A survey of the history of the Biblical era as well as the maps of the regions mentioned in the Bible, including the Holy Land, the Levant, Greece, Rome, Egypt, and the Mediterranean islands. History of the Israelites will be given special focus from the time Abraham moved to the Holy Land to the time of exodus, and from the time of building the temples and their destructions, to the time of exile in Babel to Messianic time.

Biblical Natural Remedies (6 Credits)
Survey of natural remedies mentioned in the Bible, used in Biblical times and/or found in the Holy Land. Examples include: bathing in the dead sea as a natural therapy, especially for skin diseases and arthritis; using the dead sea salt in diet and as a treatment; using the holy water obtained from the Jordan river in baptism and blessings; eating Kosher foods for optimal health; and many more examples will be discussed.

Biblical Health & Cleansing (6 Credits)
Survey of health, hygiene, baptism, and cleansing practices found in the Bible and Biblical oral traditions.

Biblical Culture & Agriculture (6 Credits)
Twelve lessons covering the Jewish culture and folklore, Hebraic symbolism, gardening, and herbs.

Biblical Herbs & Medicine (6 Credits)
This course will prepare the student to understand a variety of physical and mental conditions, as well as promote vibrant good health and beauty based on the Bible and Biblical oral and medical traditions. The student will acquire both broad knowledge and in-depth experience identifying, growing and caring for herbs, and will learn to use herbs in self care, body care, house care, animal care, and in caring for human patients from a religious perspective.

Biblical Nutrition & Dietary Practices (6 Credits)
Twelve lessons covering the Jewish culture and folklore, Hebraic symbolism, gardening, nutrition and the Kosher diet.

Avicenna’s Unani Medicine (6 Credits)
The theories of Unani medicine is becoming known again and as popular as Chinese medicine. Avicenna, the cornerstone in the Middle Eastern healing movement was heavily influenced by Chinese, Greek and Ayurvedic healers and wrote the Canon of Medicine which was the most widely studied work of medicine for 500 years in Europe between the 12th and 17th centuries. Avicenna’s medicine has been refined over and over for the last ten centuries to produce a masterful system of healing filled with inspired and original ideas as well as a synthesis of all healing traditions including Judeo-Christian faith-based healing.